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Walt Lipke

Walter H. Lipke

Deputy Chief (retired), Software Division at Tinker Air Force Base (United States Air Force)

Mr. Lipke retired in 2005 from his position as Deputy Chief of the Software Division at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma (United States Air Force). While in the position, he managed the organization in the development of automated test software for major weapons systems and performance of software maintenance for the testing of avionics, jet engines and the automation of industrial processes. During his working time, he and the organization achieved distinction. Mr. Lipke received several performance awards, including Exemplary Civilian Service and Outstanding Civilian Career Service. The organization became the first software function in the United States government to achieve the SEI CMM Level 4 distinction. For their efforts, they received the U. S. government Quality Improvement Prototype Award, and the prestigious IEEE/SEI Software Process Achievement Award. They subsequently became ISO 9001 registered and remain widely recognized for their unparalleled software capability.
Mr. Lipke received a Bachelor of Science degree, Engineering Physics, from the University of Tulsa (1964) and a Master of Science, Physics, from Oklahoma State University (1968). For his academic achievement, he was selected for the physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma (∑π∑) and the prestigious academic honors organization, Phi Kappa Phi (ΦΚΦ). 
Over the last several years, Mr. Lipke has devoted his attention to research and improvements to the project management method, Earned Value Management (EVM). In this capacity, he has published nearly 60 articles and a book, Earned Schedule, and has presented at several conferences in the U.S., U.K., Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Sweden, and Australia. 
Mr. Lipke is the creator of Earned Schedule (ES), an extension to EVM which has propagated globally. The method has had uptake into virtually every type of project applying EVM, including defense, construction, and software. It is now being included in academic coursework, project management text books, as well as the newer project management tools. In 2011, PMI issued its Practice Standard for EVM to include an appendix describing the ES methodology. 
Mr. Lipke manages a website, www.earnedschedule.com, which aggregates information concerning the practice. Virtually everything on the website, including papers, presentations, and calculations tools are available free of charge. For the creation and subsequent efforts to propagate the ES method Mr. Lipke was honored in 2007 as a “scholar” by the former Metrics Specific Interest Group of PMI. Later in 2007, PMI honored Mr. Lipke with the very prestigious Eric Jenett Award for Project Management Excellence.

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