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Sponsors and partners (2013)

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Sponsors of the EVM Europe 2013 event:

OR-AS combines theoretical research with practical applications and helps project managers gaining insight in project management processes, including baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control. With its commercial tool ProTrack, its research tool P2 Engine and its project management PSG game, OR-AS offers products to both students and professionals.

As a project management solutions company, Acumen is the indisputable best at providing insight into project challenges and using analytics to effectively overcome them. Acumen Fuse, Acumen 360, and Acumen Risk are designed to help the project team create accurate and achievable project plans for consistent project success. 

Artemis International Solutions Corporation is a leader in large-scale project & portfolio solutions where investment management and cost control are of paramount importance. Artemis has over 30 years’ experience helping both private and public companies execute critical and complex projects on time, on budget, and “on value.” Artemis’ suite of products and services, led by their flagship A7 portfolio management solution and Artemis CostView, have helped manage some of the most complex and valuable projects in history, including the construction of the new Terminal at Heathrow as well as large nuclear submarines.

Denys is an independent Belgian construction group employing up to 1300 people worldwide. Innovating in a range of separate but connected fields: water, energy, mobility, restoration, architecture and special techniques. All these disciplines integrate into a total service provision, making Denys Group a desirable partner for the most complex building and infrastructure projects.

Partners of the EVM Europe 2013 event:

Partnerships are restricted to non-for-profit membership organizations.


EVM Europe is endorsed by:

The College of Performance Management is an international, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the disciplines of project management and performance measurement.

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