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Program Schedule (2013)

The program schedule is now available!

You can download the conference program by clicking on the link below

Download the program schedule of EVM Europe 2013.

Download the conference proceedings of EVM Europe 2013.

Download the brochure of EVM Europe 2013.



Happy birthday to us!

Since we have reached a number of important milestones, EVM Europe 2013 will be a celebration edition for the following reasons:

  • 1st year of the "more than a million euro" research project: preliminary results will be presented at the event by PhD and Master students.
  • 5 years of EVM Europe: After Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, EVM Europe moves back to Belgium to celebrate its 5th year of existence.
  • 10 years of Earned Schedule: Our close collaboration with Walt Lipke has resulted in many research projects. Enough reasons to give that collaboration a central place at EVM Europe and time to look back.
  • The collaboration between EVM Europe and EVM World with the keynote speech of Mario Vanhoucke and Stephan Vandevoorde at EVM World 2012 and the help of friend and colleague Kym Henderson has strenghtened the relations between Europe and the US.

Enough reasons to celebrate and to finetune our EVM Europe 2013 to these important milestones!

New: Last year, we had our first and successful special session on "Business Games in Project Control". This year, we organize a special session with only young people. At least 15 Master Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Ghent University and 4 PhD students of the OR&S group will join us in a special session on "Young Researchers in Project Management and Control".


"Young people are fitter to invent than to judge,
fitter for execution than for counsel,
and more fit for new projects than for settled business"
Francis Bacon


Currently, the following students have accepted the invitation to present (names in random order): Joost Arnoudt, Giel-Jan Triest, Andreas Verleysen, Sam Clauwaert, Ruben De Schrijver, Frederick Dobbelaere, Eline Van Lombeek, Pieter Beeckman, Kenny Vanleeuwen, Arne De Jongh, Annelies Troch, Livine Maerschalck and Pieter Van Schoors.

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