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News, February, 2014

Welcome to EVM Europe 2014

Newsletter, February, 2014

Almost 3 months after the EVM Europe event in Belgium in December 2013, we are back with news on our upcoming activities and/or recent accomplishments on Integrated Project Management and Control.

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EVM Europe News

While we are counting to December 2, 2014 and still have to wait for 288 days (see the EVM Europe countdown clock), the top 5 observations of EVM Europe 2013, written by our US colleague Mark Philips, are now published in The Measurable News and is available here.

Other publications on all previous EVM Europe events, mainly written by our Australian colleague Kym Henderson, can be found at PM Knowledge Center at www.pmknowledgecenter.com.

Research News

At EVM Europe 2013, 17 students from the Operations Research and Scheduling (OR&S) group at Ghent University have presented their work to academics and professionals. If you don’t know what the OR&S group is, read our latest article "Blended learning in Project Management: An overview of the Operations Research & Scheduling group" for an overview of the research of the last decade.

Interested in joining our research activities? Read the OR&S vacancy.

Edu News

After the successful EVM Europe 2013 event, it was time again to go outside and teach PM techniques to undergraduate and MBA students, as well as to PM professionals. Courses on Integrated Project Management and Control, including risk analysis and Earned Value / Earned Schedule Management have been given:

At Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo (Suriname), a five days course was given, including a detailed comparison between Earned Value and Earned Schedule Management, and case studies on a water purification project, a nature conservation project and a Brokopondo dam construction project.

At University College London (UK), a new project control game, known as PSG Extended, is tested for the very first time to a group of 13 master students.


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