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John Ferguson

Prof Dr John Ferguson

John Ferguson has a BSc and MSc in physics from the University of Glasgow (UK) and a PhD and DSc in information systems from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. In his career at CERN he has managed the operations of the laboratory's scientific computer centre and been responsible for a Division whose activities included internet software development, corporate information systems, systems infrastructure support, electronic document management, scientific information services, desktop publishing, printing, personal computing services and a variety of general services. He was project leader of CERN's earned value management (EVM) project, which provided EVM project management software for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. Having completed his mandate as Deputy Head of the Accelerators and Beams Department he is currently  an honorary staff member in the Beams Department of CERN. He has recently accepted the position of visiting professor in the department of Computer Engineering in the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

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